Where Have I Been?

16 May

Oh, I have been here:

And I have been there:

The former pic is the view of Prague Castle from one of the many bridges that spans the Vltava River; the latter is of Schloss Schonbrunn, the Hapsburg’s majestic, Versailles-rivaling summer palace. There was also a day trip to Budapest, but my camera decided to crap out for most of it. I’ve got many fun tales of travel to tell, but since we’re all here for the food, that’s what I’m going to give you. Here is what Prague is known for: beer (specifically pilsner); here is what Vienna is known for: schnitzel and sacher tortes (among other dreamy desserts). “But Glutton,” you may be thinking, “you’re not supposed to be partaking in such gluten-ous fare.” Yes, dear reader, I know. But how could I go to Prague and Vienna and not indulge in their homegrown delights? Did you really expect me to forgo this?

Or this??


Yes, all of this cheating caused slight discomfort. It was worth it.


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