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A Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall

27 Aug

I’ve been MIA from this here space for awhile, but that ends today, especially since I’m hunkered down for the weekend to wait out this damn hurricane and need to distract myself from busting open all the non-perishables (read: junk food) before it is absolutely necessary. If nothing else, Irene has taught me that there’s a very valuable upside to being gluten-free: no bread on store shelves = no problem! It’s been mostly smooth sailing finding g-free staples and treats, thanks to my well-stocked (albeit overpriced) neighborhood organic market. I did have to go to two(!) different stores to track down my beloved Corn Chex, and make do with mini rice cakes because the regular size was sold out, but these are minor quibbles really. And I’m giving myself a pat on the back for ordering that monster case of bottled water from Fresh Direct a couple of weeks ago. What foresight!

As has been previously established, I’m a worrier. And yet, in the face of the severe weather we’re about to encounter in NYC, I’ve not entirely entered crazy panic land. It was easy to be calm while at work yesterday, because I was too busy to closely monitor conditions and check in on Facebook and Twitter. Now that I’m home, with nothing but time on my hands, my stress level has risen a bit, but certainly not to the point of buying out half a grocery store, like many of the people on line in front of me this morning did. These folks were stocking up for the end of the world, which Irene certainly is not. I love food and never miss a meal (or snack!), and if I’m not worried about running out of sustenance, why are all these other lunatics? Are they/their families really going to consume 10 pounds of pasta in the next two to three days?

While I sit here typing, I can hear my landlord in the backyard trying to make the backup generator work. He was all assurances when I ran into him this morning on my way to the store. A couple of hours later, he admitted the thing wasn’t working and he’d have to bust it apart to figure it out. May the force be with him, and with all of us, to ride out this storm safely and calmly, well-fed and with potent potable of choice in hand. Happy hurricane!