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Songs for Sandy (or It is Time for Stormy Weather)

29 Oct

Apparently I’m only capable of blogging in the face of an apocalyptic weather event. Here in my neck of NYC (Zone C, in the house!), the winds have picked up, the rain is falling, and I’ve fired up my hurricane playlist. Take a listen with me, won’t you?

  1. “Hurricane,” Jason Falkner
    “Now it’s time to decide: Do you fly into the eye of a hurricane?” I’m going to say yes.
  2. “Like a Hurricane,” Neil Young

  3. “Here Comes the Flood,” Peter Gabriel
    Went down the PG rabbit hole and found this perf from a 1979 Kate Bush Christmas special(!).

  4. “Rain,” Blake Babies
    Be like Juliana Hatfield and know when to come in from the rain.

  5. “On the Rain,” Shudder to Think
    “When the rain thinks it laughs last/then I drool on it.” Craig Wedren always has had a way with words.

  6. “The Rain,” The Swell Season

  7. “Sit and Listen to the Rain,” Whiskeytown

  8. “Steel Rain,” Chris Cornell
    “The sky is open and the drones are pouring out.”

  9. “Stormy Weather,” The Pixies
    “It is time, oh ho…”

  10. “Save it for a Rainy Day,” The Jayhawks
    Those lush harmonies and Gary Louris’ electric-socket hair get me every time.

  11. “Kingdom of Rain,” The The, featuring Sinead O’Connor
    Kinda sucks that Sinead’s not in the video, but whatever.

  12. “Naked in the Rain,” Red Hot Chili Peppers
    If you’re so inclined.

  13. “Ray Ray Rain,” Bettie Serveert
    Little-known fact: In certain dictionaries, the definition of “rainy day music” is “Bettie Serveert.”

  14. “Soon It Is Going to Rain,” Unrest
    “Take hold I’m flying, flying…”

  15. “Watchin’ the Rain,” Jellyfish

  16. “You Look Like Rain,” Morphine
    “I can tell you taste like the sky ’cause you look like rain.”

  17. “The Word ‘Hurricane’,” Air

  18. “The Wind,” Cat Stevens
    Obvs part deux.

  19. “Caught a Long Wind,” Feist
    “Keep yourself afloat…”

  20. “Your Big Night, Sandy!,” Blinker the Star
    Searched high and low for a vid and came up empty, but you can listen to a clip here.